Rose of Sharon 1880

The original sampler size is: 12.5 inches wide x 14.5 inches high. This is a large multicolored sampler.

This sampler was stitched over 2 threads on an uneven-weave fabric that was 65+ threads per inch. The entire piece was worked in Cross stitch with approximately 32 full stitches per inch. The outside edge is Hem stitched on all four sides.

This sampler is an uncommon example of an unusual sampler. It is not dated so we guess it was stitched around 1880. The gold color is very different than what you normally see in Bristol samplers. The format is traditional on the top. The gap between the rows of alphabets and the size leads us to guess that it is a later sampler(1880+). The motifs stitched here are commonly found in multicolored samplers. Those motifs include: wreaths, a Bible, corner motifs, baskets, trees and other religious motifs. The verses on both sides are what is most unusual about this piece. You might see one or two verses, but not seven. The size, color and format make this a special sampler even if we don't know who stitched it.

This sampler is in a private collection. Picture used with permission.

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