Rose Mead 1879

This sampler is in the collection of Claudia Dutcher Kistler.

Orphan Story

Rosina Mead

Rosina (Rose) Mead was born August 17, 1866 in Lullington, Somerset, England. She was the youngest of five children born to John and Tabitha Mead.

John Mead died on March 3, 1870 from "a visitation of God" at age 45. Tabitha died March 24, 1876 at age 51 from ascites - a swelling of the belly. When their father died Rosina was 4 years old and her sister Ellen was 6 years old.

There were many documents required for a child to be admitted to the Orphan Homes. One such document was called "The Undertakings". The people signing this document declared that they would take the child if the child could not remain at the orphanage for any reason. The Undertakings for the Mead sisters were signed by their older sister Amelia, relatives, and guardians of the court. The Frome Union workhouse pledged to take the girls if they were unfit for the orphanage.

Rosina (age 9) and her sister Ellen (age 12) were admitted to New Orphan House 3 on August 8th, 1876.

Rosina (Rose) completed her sampler when she was 12-13 years of age.

The 1881 census shows Rosina Mead (age 14) and the Pickernell sisters; Maude (age 13) and Clara (age 14) as residents of New Orphan House 3. The Pickernell sisters sampler, CP and MP 1881, is a redwork sampler shown on All three girls were living in the same House in 1881.

Ellen Mead (age 17) was dismissed from the orphanage on February 25, 1881 due to ill health. Rosina (age 15) was dismissed on June 9, 1882. Both girls were released into the custody of their older sister Amelia, who was a servant/cook.

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