Bristol Red

The size of the sampler is 4.5 high wide and 5.5 inches high. The sampler was stitched with Cross stitch and Four sided stitch, over two threads, on 65 threads per inch fabric.

One thing you notice when you see Bristol orphan samplers in person is how small they are. The girls stitched on many different types of fabrics. Most of the red samplers were done on a heavy cotton fabric. This little sampler was also stitched on heavy cotton fabric. We don't know if this sampler was a first or second sampler, even though it was worked in red thread.

The thing that makes this sampler unusual is how exceptionally small it is compared to other Bristol orphan samplers. There are a few other samplers that are this size. Usually they are multicolored samplers. The Bristol Ship Spot sampler shown on this website is another sampler that is this same small unusual size.

There is no date on this sampler. The style suggests that it may have been worked in the 1860's but that is an educated guess and not a fact.

This sampler has been charted for stitchers. If you want to stitch the smallest Bristol red reproduction sampler, this is the design to stitch. Bristol Red is available as a chart or as a PDF download.

You can purchase a chart from a needlework store or directly from Dutch Treat Designs.

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