Motifs 1880

The stitched area is 6.5" wide x 8.5" high. The fabric size is 7" w x 9" h. The design was worked with silk thread entirely in Cross stitch. The sampler has 25-27 Cross stitches per inch, worked over two threads, on a heavy unevenweave cotton fabric. All four edges are turned under and stitched down.

The motifs seen in this sampler are common in multicolored Bristol motif only samplers. Shared motifs include: Dash, Queen Victoria's dog; the Bristol bird, a bird in a wreath; wreaths, baskets, the train, the Bible etc. There are a few motifs on this sampler than can be seen on Redwork Bristols stitched in the 1880's or later.

This sampler is in the collection of Claudia Dutcher Kistler.

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