Julia A Moore 1883

Julia is a great example of what might be called the Tic Tac Toe Bristol sampler. The format of dividing the sampler into sections surrounded by a border was popular when Julia stitched her piece in 1883. In the top part of her sampler she stitched a wonderful assortment of traditional alphabets and border bands. The Bible motif, which is found in most Bristol samplers, is centrally located in this sampler. The large motto sections i.e. The Lord is my Shepherd and The Lord is My Redeemer where likely influenced by the house blessing motto sayings, usually worked on perforated paper, that were popular in England in the 1880's. The style of the font in the sampler is very similar to the paper motto lettering. At the bottom she finishes her sampler with many familiar motifs and animals. This is a lovely example of an 1880's Bristol orphan sampler.

This sampler is in the collection of Witney Antiques. The image shown on this website is used with their permission.

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