MH Smith 1890

This is a reproduction of a sampler in the collection of the George Muller Charitable Trust located in Bristol, England. The original sampler was likely worked by Miss Smith when she was a resident of the New Orphan Houses orphanage that Mr. Muller and his family operated in Bristol, England. The orphanage kept very detailed records of all the children that lived in the Homes, however a specific record for a girl named Smith, who was the right age in 1890, has not been found.

How do we know it is a Bristol sampler? The elements stitched and the format of the sampler is similar to other documented samplers stitched during that time period. Even though we don't know who Miss Smith was, we can appreciate her skill with a needle.

The picture shown here is the original sampler. Permission to share this sampler on this website was given by the George Muller Charitable Trust.

This sampler has been charted for stitchers. You can purchase a chart from a needlework store or directly from Dutch Treat Designs.

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