Florriette Hills 1903

This sampler is a lovely example of a later Bristol orphanage sampler. The finished size of the sampler is 17" tall x 12.5" wide it is a traditional format with alphabets, border bands and familiar motifs along the bottom.

The initials in the two rings represent Florriette Hills and her younger sister Alethia Ellen Hills, who were both admitted to the orphanage on 2 November 1897. The sampler is dated 1903. Florriette was dismissed from the orphanage on 13 September 1902 to be placed as a pupil teacher. Florriette must have liked to stitch because she followed through and completed her sampler.

Florriette and her sister Alethia [aka Ellen] both had interesting lives. They were both teachers, nurses, and physical therapists during the 1900's. They were not always together but they remained connected. Neither sister ever married. Florriette died at the age of 91. Alethia died at the age of 65.

This sampler is in the private collection of Julie Ann Horne. The images and information shown on this website are gratefully used here with her permission.

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