Clara & Maude Pickernell 1881

This sampler was stitched by two sisters, Clara and Maud Pickernell in 1881. This is the a documented Bristol red sampler confirmed to be worked by sisters. There are other sister samplers, but usually only one girl stitched a sampler.

The stitched area of the sampler is 13.5" wide x 14.5" high. There are 30-31 Cross stitches per inch, worked over two threads, with cotton thread on heavy unevenweave cotton fabric. The edges have been Hem stitched. The sisters were immaculate stitchers. The back is just as well done as the front of the sampler.

The alphabets, motifs, and format are common in Redwork Bristols. The fact that the sampler can be documented to two sisters makes it a rare find.

This sampler is in the collection of Claudia Dutcher Kistler.

This sampler has been charted for stitchers. You can purchase this design as a PDF directly from Hands Across The Sea Samplers.

Orphan Story

Clara Pickernell & Maud Pickernell
Parents were Jonathan Pickernell [b.1822] and Rosiana (Rose) Brittain

Married May 24, 1864 Jonathan was listed as a widower for this marriage.
Married in the Parish church of South Hackney in the county of
Jonathan occupations - Farm Steward 1864; Licensed Victuller

1866 Clara Annie Rosina - born May 20 [5477]
Registered June 16, 1866
1867 Maud Eveline - born September 18 [5478]
Registered October 14, 1867
Both sisters were born Parish of Fawley, in the county of Buckingham.
Their births were registered in the district of Henley, in the counties of
Oxford, Berks, and Buckingham.

Brothers from this marriage:
Arthur Sidney Pickernell [b.April 1865; d. July 1877]
Ernest Grant Pickernell [b. January 31, 1869]
Harry Brittain Pickernell [b. July 26, 1870]

1871 Jonathan Pickernell died January 20 from bronchitis & measles [age 49]

1878 Rosina Brittain died June 28, 1878 from heart disease [age 45]

The children were taken to the Henley workhouse on April 18, 1878.
Petition was made to enter the orphanage beginning March 12, 1879.
The sisters were described as behaved and obedient girls whose
learning was never neglected.

Vaccinations were confirmed for the girls on March 27, 1879. There were very few deaths in the Orphan Homes because the children coming in were required to be vaccinated.

1879 Admitted to the Girls Department in House No. 3 on April 8

The sisters were 14 - 15 years old when they completed their sampler
in 1881.

Dismissed from the Orphan Homes in 1883
Clara January 6, 1883 sent to Reading to serve as a pupil teacher
Maude December 20, 1883 to the same location as arranged by their

The boys Ernest and Harry were not admitted to the Bristol orphanage. They were admitted to an orphanage run by Charles Spurgeon.

Clara died in 1895 [age 29]; Paddington, London

Maude is listed in 1911 at age 43 listed as single; Apartment Or
Boarding House Keeper in Bournemouth, Hampshire, England

1916 Married Chandos Swaine [age 62],Bournemouth, Hampshire, England

Maud died Sept 23, 1944 [age 77] in Bournemouth, Hampshire,

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