Lizzie Alexander 1894

The size of this sampler is 16 inched wide and 18 inches tall.

This is a sampler who's story we can tell but there are still some pieces missing. The first piece missing is Lizzie's name, which had been cut off the bottom of the sampler. Thankfully, the name and the sampler stayed together so we know who the stitcher was. Given Lizzie's age, and when she was in the Orphan Homes, we guess that this sampler was worked about 1884.

Mary Elizabeth Alexander stitched her sampler on fabric that looks like a white bed sheet. There are red Bristol samplers and multicolored samplers, but not often do we see two colored samplers. It;s likely that this was a second sampler for Lizzie, but we can't be sure. The other sampler on this website that is similar to this one is the Dancing Alphabets sampler.

In this style of mid 1880's sampler the stitcher often had trouble keeping the same line for their letters and numbers. The alphabets and number lines tended to be father apart, which did not help the placement of the rows. The sampler is worked in Cross stitch over two threads with about 35 stitches per inch. Familiar motifs include the Bristol Bird wreath and a familiar horse. The Bear the Cross and Wear the Crown motto on the bottom right of the sampler was also seen in other needlework done during this time period. Likely there was a set of bottom motifs that was cut off the bottom of the sampler when Lizzie's name was removed.

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